Why should you choose a Star Bay Realty corp Agent?


Florida requires all real estate agents to complete an initial 63 hour license course, as well as pass 2 exams prior receiving their license. After initial licensure, your Realtor has mandatory courses that must be completed every 2 years to stay updated with current regulations and market trends. On top of all that, your Realtor is working under a Brokerage (Star Bay Realty Corp). The Broker is responsible in providing additional tools and resources to stay updated with current market strategies. 


Florida requires all real estate agent applicants be subject to a criminal background check, along with a finger print scanning. Once licensed, realtors must follow Florida Real Estate Commission rules and regulations, which include acting a manor to protect the public from fraudulent or misleading information. In addition, Star Bay Realty agents must follow the company’s policy and procedure guidelines, which ensures our agents put the interests of our clients first.

About You

Star Bay Realty corp Agents do not have quotas. They do not have pre-printed scripts or mandatory marketing schemes to obtain your business. What they do have is: Negotiating power. Our agents are trained to obtain the best value on your behalf. We want your referral in the future. Agents at Star Bay are able to individualize their business according their areas of expertise, which gives them additional freedom and leeway to benefit you.


Fact: According to a recent publication by NAR, unrepresented sellers earn 20 percent less on their property compared to sellers who were represented by a real estate agent. Regardless if you are a buyer, seller, renter etc., having a Star Bay Realty corp Agent to represent you is a smart move in your future real estate endeavors.